3 Plus Levels

Smart Brain mental arithmetic has altogether 8 levels. Each level will takes 24 hours to complete. Approximately within 3 months . Learning 2 hours a week, Need 15 minutes home practice and a daily revision . Classroom can be used 5 times a day or whenever suitable according to respective country.


Introduction of Smart Brain concepts and the foundation of which the entire program is built. The mechanics of the abacus as well as crucial elementary concepts are instilled in our students. Your child will begin to develop and conceptualize a particular movement associated with the abacus with a number.
Build the foundation for the right brain’s activity and serves as the entryway to build abacus conceptualization. Listening skills are taught and strengthened during this level. Your child will begin to use Mental Arithmetic techniques which are expanded upon in the higher levels.
Your child will be started to add and subtract multi- stringed decimals. Students will begin to display a higher level of MA (Mental Arithmetic). Concepts and techniques of division are introduced and serve as the based for expansion in the higher levels.
This is the last level that utilizes the abacus. Your child will exhibit slower rates while manipulating the abacus and their MA abilities will improve. Some children develop Mental Multiplication, while others will develop these skills in following level. Students will also learn the concept of Division with the abacus. Additional concepts are taught that will increase your child’s MA skills as well as speed and accuracy.
Our Smart Brain Students are completely weaned off the abacus by Level 5 and all the levels hereafter utilize only Mental Visualization skills to further the program. You will notice that even traditional fingering techniques slow down your child. We continue to expand to visualization skills to include up to the ten thousand rod. Students can now complete sums up to 20 strings of numbers. Additional concepts and techniques are taught to increase speed further.
Mental Visualization skills for Complex Multiplication and Division are introduced. Additional concepts and techniques are taught to increase speed and accuracy further.
Continue to cement the foundations built upon in prior levels, and expand into new concepts. These concepts and techniques focus on developing lightning memory recall, listening and analytical skills.
Visualization, Conceptualization and Comprehension is deeply expanded upon.

Smart Brain Levels


1.Building connection between the left and right side of the brain. 2.Basic calculation by using finger counting method and abacus. 3.Learning the technique of basic mental arithmetic and dictation.
1 - 2

1.Calculating bigger digits. 2.Learning the basic of multiplication and subtraction with abacus. 3.Again, the teaching is based on the Ministry of Education's curriculum to improve the child's better understanding and performances.
3 - 4

1.Increasing the skill and accuracy of calculation in both multiplication and division. 2.Increase memory capacity. 3.Division by Mental Arithmetic.
5 - 6

1.Multiplying 2 digits by M.A. 2.Calculating with more digits. 3.Continued concentration for at least 3 minutes. 4.Visualization, Conceptualization and comprehension is deeply expanded upon.
7 - 8